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Direct Mail Lists – Are They Relevant in the Digital Age?

Purchasing a mailing list for the direct marketing is among the best investments which you could make for your company. Buying a mailing list of possible buyers is among the best strategies to advertise your services or products. Employing a direct email list is a Wise move for three important reasons:

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Direct Mail Lists - Are They Relevant in the Digital Age?

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1. Email inboxes are becoming more and more overcrowded.

Even though there aren't any specific statistics regarding the number of emails received daily by individual users, it is estimated that 2.8 million emails are sent each second. Meaning that the ordinary person is getting dozens or even hundreds of email messages every day.

2. Mailing lists can help you make a memorable impact.

Mailing campaigns permit you to set your message directly on your customers' hands in a memorable and real way.

It will not sit in a watch for months, or have filtered into a spam folder. Even if your prospect does not do it the very first time, odds are they'll remember your organization and your supply when it comes back the next time around.

3. Speedy Response codes make immediate mail accessible and interactive.

Email advertising is frequently touted as having an advantage over direct mail due to its interactivity. Employing a QR code onto a piece of direct mail permits the receiver to scan the code with their smartphone and get your institution's site to learn more.

Mail lists operate only because they help your business stand out, make your supply memorable, and join your business with a receiver's online experience.

Doug Parks