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Did You Know The Best Way To Improve Procurement Productivity?

Productivity is often defined as a measure of a quantity or quality of production inputs needed to achieve them. Get "more for the same" or "more for less" are two ways to show an increase in productivity.

The three stages of market maturity and how each creates value:

Step 1 is the assurance of supply. This is the most basic step of maturity and purpose becomes "the right products and services at the time and the right place." The activity to achieve this is largely administered process for purchase orders and contract hire. Its aim is to ensure supplies.

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Step 2 is the price management. The next step focuses on getting "the right products and services at the right price." This is often expressed in terms of economy. If you can get the necessary element to the necessary quality at a lower price, you have succeeded.

Step 3 is cost management. The previous step typically uses market forces to create competition that prices lower readers. This works where there are many suppliers and where markets are perfect.

The prices which are obtained through competitive bidding often have relatively small economies because few markets, if any, are perfect. This step works with suppliers and uses key techniques such as Lean, Six Sigma, value analysis and value engineering to find ways to reduce costs so providers can significantly reduce prices and still make a acceptable profit.

Doug Parks