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Coordination Of HVAC Electrical And Plumbing Systems Within Discipline Or With Architectural

The process of coordinating the MED designs may seem too time-consuming and tedious, but it is nevertheless worth the pain and hard work. How does coordination work? This process is invaluable because of the convenience it offers during the construction process. It provides architects, contractors, and construction companies all important data for construction. This includes sets, clash points, clash solutions, and so on. 

It's very crucial to define a starting point for each model or discipline. If you are also thinking to outsource the contractors for electrical drawings then visit

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A number of limitations may arise when working on the coordination services of MEP drawings with other disciplines. This includes:

  • Design Limitations
  • Space Problem
  • Redundant Components

There may be limitations due to joint coordination. These limits result from different design parameters and other criteria specific to each discipline. The highest priority should be coordinating the model so that there are minimal collisions in the model. 

Coordination between disciplines is now easier thanks to the intervention from BIM. Revit help identifies collisions and presents fully coordinated 3D models with cost quantities and parameters. Revit actually outshines some of the other BIM software and excels in marketing. There are many companies that still use CAD or want to do 2D coordination. 

Nearly 70% of construction companies switched from 2d Auto CAD coordination to Revit BIM coordination services. Some companies are already using Revit while others are trying to switch to Revit. Since implementing BIM is another difficult task, some users are still working with AutoCAD.

Doug Parks