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Brief About Italian citizenship By Descent ( jure sanguinis)

The recognition of Italian citizenship by jure sanguinis is a procedure directed at obtaining citizenship with a foreign individual (recognized as a citizen by birth in a different State), descendant of ancestor (progenitor, grandfather), that had been an Italian citizen migrated overseas.

Italian citizenship jure sanguinis: how to apply to this?

The interested party or person who wants to register for italian citizenship by ancestors, may make an application for the recognition of this Italian citizenship jure sanguinis, if living in Italy (since he's enrolled in the birth registry), by sending the petition to the Mayor of the Municipality of this location of dwelling.

apply for italian citizenship by descent

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If the overseas person resides in forign, then the Italian Consular Authority of the location where the individual resides is responsible to bring a decision on citizenship petition.

The files listed below should be filed so as to apply for the citizenship:

  • The birth certificate of this Italian ancestor migrated overseas, issued from the Italian municipality of the area of arrival;
  • The accredited translations of these birth certificates of lineal descendants, such as also the applicant one;
  • The marriage certificate of the Italian ancestor who emigrated overseas;
  • The union certificates of the lineal descendants, such as the applicant's parents ;
  • A document issued by the competent authorities of the foreign nation of emigration, certifying that prior to the date of arrival of the offender, the citizenship of the foreign State of emigration Weren't allowed to the Italian ancestor;
  • A document issued by the competent Italian consular authority verifying that neither a lineal ascendant nor the offender have renounced Italian citizenship, nor  they have lost it;
  • A copy of a valid passport.

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