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Brief About Documents Required For Italian Citizenship

If You have decided to apply for italian citizenship by descent then,  then you need to fulfill all the requirements .Below are the details of all the documents that are required.

Let us look at all Italian citizenship requirements  and make sure to submit  original documents .

italian citizenship by descent

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  • Application forms: Four forms need to be filled. Form 1 needs to be filled only on a computer. Form 2 and 3 should be completed and signed by each person living in your line of Italian descent. Form 4 must be completed for each person killed in the line of Italian descent and must be signed by the applicant only.
  • Application fee ( cash cheque or money order)
  • Copy of the driver's and passport license;
  • Birth certificate of the Italian born in Italy (to be published by the City Council in Italy);
  • Proof of residence (electricity or other utility bill)
  • All certificates of the original civil registry for the applicant and his / her Italian ancestors –
  • Copy of the "directive" / "petition for naturalization" issued by the National Archives .
  • Naturalization certificate

In case your Italian ancestor never been born US citizen naturalized, please indicate:

Original certificate of existence of records issued by the US Immigration Services translation is not required.

COPY OF THE CENSUS immediately available for the first time after the birth in the US of direct descent  no translation is required

If a family member who resides in our jurisdiction, is interested in submitting an application for recognition of Italian citizenship in the future, the original documentation of these ancestors will apply, but he / she must present his / her certificates originally.

Doug Parks