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Basic Information About the Tooth Extraction

For some people, hearing 'tooth extraction' words alone can cause them to flee. This process can indeed become the most feared among patients because the procedure is often implying pain. However, patients do not have to fear having their teeth pulled if that is what their dental situation called for.

The tooth removal performed for a variety of reasons, but the most common should be rotting teeth. Tooth decay is caused by bacteria in the mouth plaque-assembled, the natural process of degeneration due to old age, or specific disorder that mainly affects the teeth makes an individual more susceptible to cavities.

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Some opt for the extraction if the permanent tooth is blocked by a baby tooth that does not fall in time. Those who have an extra gear, have gum problems, have broken or cracked teeth, or those who get dental braces may also need to undergo extraction to have a healthy set of teeth. People who receive some type of drug or medical procedure (surgery, radiation, transplantation) also had to pull out of their bad teeth to avoid infection.

If the tooth to be pulled out can be seen in the mouth, generally-accepted procedure to be done is a simple extraction, usually only use two of dental equipment for the procedure (elevator to loosen teeth, and forceps to remove it).

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