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Anxiety Attack Symptoms Guide

Almost no one can turn your life upside down faster than an anxiety attack can be.

Anxiety is now a global issue. It affects millions of people around the world and from all walks of life. Literally can happen to anyone. Anxiety does not discriminate. When anxious feelings peak within us that can trigger physical symptoms of anxiety attacks that can make things miserable. If you are looking for reliable psychotherapy treatment in Silicon Valley or free consultation then make an online search.

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How miserable?

Anxiety attack symptoms can make you believe that you are having a heart attack, stroke, or other serious medical emergency. Therefore, many first time sufferers of anxiety attacks ended up being rushed to the emergency room only to find out they were not life-threatening condition.

Anxiety attacks, also known as panic attacks start suddenly and last 10 minutes or more for most people. However they can last an hour or more in some cases.

Anxiety attack is a sudden feeling of extreme fear, terror, and discomfort. Anxiety or panic attack episodes can occur at any time – even when you're sleeping. The most common anxiety attack symptoms are:

  • Feelings Of Dread Or Fear
  • Hard to breath
  • Feeling Out Of Control
  • A strong impetus to Flee Or escape where you Are In

So what actually happens when you have symptoms of this anxiety attack?

An anxiety attack is like a false alarm from our brain to our body. When the right mechanisms are in danger of fight-or-flight our body kicks into action to get us out of danger.

When we experience anxiety attack symptoms we have the same rush of fear and terror and all the physiological sensations that can go along with it, such as a racing heart, sweating, tightening of the throat, and light. The difference in the anxiety attack is that there is no immediate threat is present.


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