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An Overview Monoclonal Antibody Preparation Technology

Monoclonal antibody technology is very important in scientific research biotechnology, plays an indispensable role in the structure and function of genes and proteins, which keep irreplaceable in the immunological diagnosis of humans, animals, and plants. To know about monoclonal antibody visit

Here is the introduction of monoclonal antibody preparation techniques, including the hybridoma and Phage Display Libraries Construction with wide application prospects in clinical medicine and disease diagnosis and treatment.

the latest technology updates

methods 1. Traditional

Chimeric monoclonal antibody

CDR graft antibody-derived antibody has a human affinity as high as 95%

Humanizing amino acid residues in the 3-dimensional surface of the antibody, thereby humanizing the variable region fragment space surface

1.1Hybridoma Service of Creative Biolabs

hybridoma technology, a method often adopted for large scale production of monoclonal antibodies derived from B lymphoblast fusion produces specific antibodies with myeloma, taking form hybrid cell lines as an important part.

Platform Hyperdoma is a high-throughput hybridoma generation integrated platform following the art technology to ensure the one-stop production of monoclonal antibodies from global clients.

Involved solutions: Magic Man antibody production, hybridoma DNA-based immunization Production Services, Custom Antibody Production Services, Antibody original discovery of Services, etc.


Preparation of purified antigen-either antigen or supplied in silico sequence of operations (to produce soluble proteins and peptides.

Immunization-cans tailored to a comprehensive strategy (DNA immunization, and immunization of the entire cell, etc.

Generation and screening hybridoma-diversified adopted for hybridoma screening tests (ELISA, IHC, immunoblotting, etc.

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