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All About Earthquake Insurance And What It Covers

Earthquake insurance covers damages brought on by an earthquake, a surprising and violent vibration of the earth caused by motion of the planet's crust. More especially, earthquake insurance covers damages to your residence, private possessions in your house, and Additional Living Expenses .

What Earthquake Insurance Claim

Earthquake Insurance pays for reasonable prices that you maintain from the reduction of your house in case of quake damage. There are 3 key elements: your house (known as a home in coverage ), private property, and other living expenses (ALE).

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As an instance, if your house is subject to an earthquake and sustains cracks in the walls, ceiling, base or other damages, then those could be dealt with under the dwelling part of the policy. There's a deductible and limitation to this section of the policy. 

Another part of earthquake insurance covers your personal possessions inside the affected home. Personal property assets usually consist of security for furniture, electronic equipment, and other possessions. 

ALE and reduction of usage can cover many different things while a house is repaired within a reasonable time or before a policyholder discovers a new residence. You could get your insurance company reimburse you or pay for a temporary rental house, apartment, hotel room, restaurant dishes, or a temporary phone line. Moving, storage, furniture rental, and laundry may also be coated.

Doug Parks