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The Internet explosion has led us to a point in which we're experiencing an explosion in mobile applications. Like all technology, the Internet and mobile apps cannot be sustained without continuous advancement to something brand new and unique, i.e. something that pushes it towards the future.

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In the quest to create increasingly sophisticated customized apps, the requirement to recruit Android app developers with an eye for what's trendy and also great has increased also.

Although these developers do an amazing job but let's look at the trends that are catching their attention as the most exciting developments for Android app development right now:

Wearable Devices-

Wearable technology has transformed our lives to this day. When we thought the idea of making technology portable would be incredible, wearable technology has taken the technology's portability and consequently android app development to brand new standards.

Be it healthcare companies or, more commonly, fitness and sports brands all around us, wearable devices with a variety of sensors have become extremely popular.

Augmented Reality as well as Virtual Reality-

It is so popular with AR and VR these days that many are seeking to employ Android app developers and this is causing mobile apps to reach higher levels. The hype, however, is not something we can claim, is not in vain. 

Augmented Real-time and Virtual Reality have really been an integral part of the technology that we use in the present.

With VR it is possible to create a completely new kind of experience for your end-users.

AR, however, to the contrary is stimulating the senses of hearing, feeling, and smell in people and makes them confused as to what's real and what's fake.

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