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A Unique Identification System

The automatic identification system is short for radio-frequency identification, it is a touchable technology with the function of automatic recognition. It can recognize the object and get the related data automatically using the radio-frequency signal without personal interference. 

The automatic identification system technology can recognize objects that are moving fast and can also recognize many labels at the same time with easy operation. We have a great selection from the beautiful ground such as AIS accessories, VHF & AIS, Garmin plotter, Zipwake.

automatic identification system

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The automatic identification system is a simple wireless system consisting of only two components: a reader and a response. It is used for controlling, checking, and tracking objects. Under practical conditions, the separate processing on the assembly line is determined by the automatic identification system label information. 

The components can be recognized clearly and the production-related and the qualitative data are authorized, will the device be able to be promised to process again. The modern data vehicles like the RFID labels or intelligent labels can remain informed about the life span of the products. 

The component for quite a long time, which enables detailed trace even after several years. One prominent advantage of this system is that it can make reliable recognition under severe conditions. Fixed on the products during the entire process, the automatic identification system labels have greater privileges than the previous production and operation.

Doug Parks